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Baby Lists is a must have for all expecting parents (and grandparents too!)

There’s a good reason why you were given nine plus months to get ready:
Not only does having a new baby mean decorating a nursery and buying equipment, it also means Choosing a Hospital, Creating a Birth Plan, Finding and Interviewing a Pediatrician, a Nanny or Daycare provider and Childproofing your home.

Baby Lists provides Answers for these questions and more like..
What do I pack for the hospital?
What questions should I ask when choosing a pediatrician?
How many onesies/blankets/burp cloths do I really need to buy?

Baby is on the way–and so are questions about what to do and what to buy to prepare! With the help of tried and true, mommy-endorsed Baby Lists, you can get organized in no time at all.

Baby Lists helps expectant and new moms with everything from choosing a stroller to interviewing a potential nanny, with sections on how to:

  • Choose the best hospital for delivery
  • Decide on the newborn necessities
  • Know what you will need for the perfect nursery
  • Assemble the perfect diaper bag, complete with emergency essentials

Packed with lists, questionnaires, and parents’ favorites, Baby Lists offers all the practical information you need in an easy to take along–and easy to use–package.

See what our Readers think about Baby Lists:


June 11, 2007 By shr (california) “This is the first book to put every shopping list and to do list altogether in one easy to use place with out distracting pregnancy and parenting advice. Being a first time parent is overwhelming as you’re suddenly faced with buying expensive products and not knowing what to even look for in them! BABY LISTS takes all the anxiety out of those decisions – letting frantic parents know what they must have, what they might want, and why…and how much of everything to get whether they’re having one, two, three or more babies. Knowing you have everything on hand makes bringing home a new baby much less stressful. I’d absolutely recommend this book to every pregnant woman I see!”

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About the Author

Elaine Farber is a newborn consultant and a mother of three who has coached hundreds of families through early parenting. She has worked in hospital nurseries, run a daycare center, provided consultation to expectant parents, and nannied for families with newborns (90 percent of whom were multiples) for more than twenty-five years. She lives in San Mateo, CA. << Read more about Elaine >>